Elkhorn Run Treatment Plant and Laboratory

The plant is located along Elkhorn Run Creek in the Van Kirk section of Center Township. It provides wastewater treatment services to all of Center Township, along with a small portion of Monaca. Currently, the plant processes an annual average flow of 1.3 million gallons of wastewater per day. The plant operates under NPDES Permit No. PA0037940.

The process used for the treatment of wastewater at the plant is called Activated Sludge. Activated Sludge is a biological wastewater treatment process which speeds up the decomposition of wastes in wastewater being treated. Activated Sludge is added to waste-water and the mixture (mixed liquor) is aerated and agitated. After some time in the aeration tank, the Activated Sludge is
allowed to settle out by sedimentation and is disposed as needed. The remaining wastewater then undergoes more treatment.

Wastewater is collected from homes and businesses which then flows to the plant. The plant utilizes physical and biological processes (above) to remove the harmful pollution from the wastewater. After treatment, the treated water is released into the Ohio River. Learn more about The History of the Center Township Sanitary Authority and The Elkhorn Run Treatment Plant Process. In 2007 the Plant Laboratory received a Certificate of Accreditation to operate as a Pennsylvania Accredited Laboratory. The certification is designed by the PADEP and requires the laboratory to be audited for quality control in use of appropriate chemicals leading to accurate results in the testing of discharged wastewater.