Upon receipt of a written request from an Applicant/Property Owner, the CTSA will provide a “Sewer Service Availability Letter” as required by the Township pursuant to review and approval procedures for Subdivisions and/or Land Development.

For Simple Subdivisions, the Sewer Service Availability Letter will either acknowledge the presence of a sewer main abutting the property or will indicate that service is available in the vicinity and a main line extension for service will be required.

For Other Subdivisions and/or Land Developments, the Sewer Service Availability Letter will acknowledge the presence of sewer service in the Township, and will advise if a specific evaluation of availability to the closest point of connection is required. Copies of the CTSA Fee and Rate Schedule; Rules and Regulations, and a standard Developers Packet can be provided upon request.

Sewer Service Availability Letters will NOT address capacity evaluations and no representations will be made. If requested in writing by the Applicant/Property Owner, the CTSA can provide this information, subject to reimbursement by the Applicant/Property Owner of engineering costs incurred in making such analysis.

Connection to the system is subject to existing Rules, Rates, and Regulations of the Center Township Sanitary Authority and payment of prevailing fees. The Property Owner/Developer will be responsible for the sewer line installation according to the Rules and Regulations with all costs to be paid by the developer.