Do Not Flush 


BABY WIPES - Due to their sturdiness, a common cause for clogs.


DISPOSABLE PRODUCTS - Diapers, disinfecting wipes, disposable mop/sweeper heads, feminine hygiene products.


PAPER TOWELS - Dishrags & scouring pads.


FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS - Gasoline, paint thinner, diesel fuel, lighter fluid & solvents.


KITCHEN GREASE - FOG clogs pipes and cause sewer back-ups. Learn how to control grease.


PAINT - Latex, oil based or any other paint.


MOTOR OIL - Engine oil, transmission oil or anti-freeze.


PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCTS - Prescription products can contaminate streams and other waterways.


LOW ph PRODUCTS - Battery acid, pool chemicals or muriatic acid.


HIGH ph PRODUCTS - Sodium Hydroxide (also known as Lye or Caustic Soda) or ammonia.


EXCESSIVE FOOD PRODUCTS - To much food can overwelm the treatment process at the plant.


HAIR - It does not break apart in loose pieces, instead it clumps together and forms large masses.


Place these items in the trash or recycle appropriately


Additional Resources:


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