Plant History


The construction of the Center Township Sewer System began in January 1961 under the Center Township Board of Supervisors.  In 1966, The Center Township Board of Supervisors, under the Municipality Act of 1945, established the Center Township Sewer Authority. The Sewer Authority is comprised of a five board member board appointed by The Center Township Supervisors. The project to be undertaken by this Authority is specified to be aquiring, holding, constructing, improving, maintaining, owning, operating and leasing, either in the capacity of lessor or lessee, sewers, sewer systems, or parts thereof, and sewage treatment works.


On September 21, 2009, a CERTIFICATE OF ADMENDMENT was granted to the Center Township Sanitary Authority whereby the name changed from The Center Township Sewer Authority to The Center Township Sanitary Authority under the ACT 22 of 2001, known as The Municipal Authority Act. See the History Timeline listed below.


1960   -   Before the Municipal Sewer Authority was formed, The wastewater from most Center Township households drained into on-lot septic systems.


1973   -   As construction of new homes, apartments and businesses increased on lots too small for traditional septic fields, the Authority began to build a                 municipal sewage collection network along with a new and larger treatment facility. The Elkhorn Treatment Plant built to treat 1,000,000                           gallons per day went on line in 1973.


1975   -   As demands increased for treatment capacity, Moon Run Treatment Plant was built. The Moon Run Plant built to treat 500,000 gallons per day                     went on line in 1975.


1993   -   As growth in the Township Continued, additional sewage capacity was required. In 1993 the Elkhorn Plant underwent a major expansion to                         2,000,000 gallons per day. Most of the cost for the plant upgrade was financed through the issue of Sewer Revenue Bonds and Pennvest Loans.


2002   -   The Center Township Sanitary Authority discontinued flow to the Moon Run treatment Plant in 2002. The flows from the Moon Run Plant are                       conveyed to the Elkhorn Treatment Plant.


As of 2014, The collection of sanitary sewage is served by approximately seventy (70) miles of sewers in conjunction with nine (11) Lift Stations which are necessary to provide pumping assistance to the sewer lines that do not drain by gravity.